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An industry with a proud legacy

Insurance has a proud history in America. The first insurance ‘company’ was founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1752, which became the first mutual fire insurance company. As most home construction was entirely wood…and settlements became cities with homes grouped closely together, the risk was tremendous. New standards were set for home construction and eventually reworked into building codes and zoning laws.

An agency with a proud legacy

Established in the 1920’s, Bush Insurance has witnessed a veritable evolution of the insurance industry leading to a regulated and respected provider of loss and risk management products. While technology has changed the tools of our business, the foundational principles remain the same. We still focus on educating our clients about the risks they face and offer insurance solutions that provide real-world protection.

Bush Insurance: an Independent Insurance Agency

The agents at Bush Insurance keep the focus where it should be…on our clients. As an Independent Insurance Agency, we’re concerned with delivering award-winning service and coverage that’s tailored to meet individual needs, all at competitive pricing. We don’t worry about meeting quotas. As an independent agency we’ve developed relationships with many well regarded and financially secure regional and national insurance companies, providing options that are only available through an independent agency.

An Agency you start with…and stay with

Like any product or service, prices occasionally change. With insurance, one insurance company may increase their rates due to significant losses in a particular area. Another company who hasn’t experienced the same losses doesn’t have to raise their rates. As an Independent Agency, Bush Insurance can take advantage of shifting market conditions to provide you with a competitive rate. A captive agency…that is, an insurance agency that represents only one insurance carrier can’t deliver the same option. This means you actually have to switch agencies to get a competitive rate. Bush Insurance does the shopping for you among our carriers, helping to keep your rates as low as possible without switching insurance agencies. When you start with a Bush Insurance agent you stay with a Bush Insurance agent!

Our Business is Protecting You!
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A Sampling of the Companies We Represent Includes:

  • Cincinnati
  • Selective
  • Travelers
  • Foremost
  • Westfield
  • Auto Owners
  • Progressive
  • Brethren
  • Everett Cash
  • Hartford - AARP Auto/
    Homeowners Program
  • Farmers of Marble
  • Hagerty - Antique Auto Program

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